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Online Training Material


The training material available here are presented by Dr. Karl Wiegers. The courses will play in your web browser. Some of the benefits of the training material include:


  • Use the training material to achieve the best results in your ISEQB certification.

  • Individual training costs considerably less than for attending instructor-led seminars.

  • Study just the topics you're interested in at the moment, at your own pace.

  • Review certain topics to refresh your knowledge.

  • Bring new team members up to speed with just-in-time training.

  • Avoid travel costs and time out of the office; no multi-day commitment.

  • Train small numbers of people at a time; no need to fill an on-site class.

  • Provide the same training content concurrently to team members in different locations via your Intranet.


Please note that upon receiving payment, you will receive an email containing the URL for the training material and the corresponding password for access.

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